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Personalized FAQs

Customized leather bags

Which Items are available for personalization?

We are happy to offer customization for all of our Personalized products.

Minimum order quantity: 10

(It can be customized when the quantity more than 10 of the same product are purchased)


How many letters can I have embossed per item?

We offer up to 10 characters. The characters that you select can include capital letters, small letters and numbers.

Can I choose the Location for my personalized letters?

You can choose to customize the letters on the inner lining or the exterior leather, but the exact location is up to our expert design team.

Crazy horse leather bag

This ensures that each embossed letters will be in the ideal location for optimal visibility and appeal. Currently, we can only offer personalized letters in the standard locations.

Which Fonts are available for personalization?

Currently only one font is available: Arial  

We are unable to offer the ability to select a font that is not offered on the product page.

Which font Sizes are available?

We have sized each font to perfectly fit each item. We cannot offer the ability to select your font or size at this time. 

What is the processing method used for personalized letters?

We use a specialized high beam laser machine to provide perfect embossing. The beam performs the engraving process by burning the outer surface of the leather. This leaves a beautiful contrast with a striking tone-on-tone look. Your customized embossing will not damage the leather.

personalized bags

Are there any Colors available for personalized letters?

The color of the engraved letters will depend on the leather color of your bag, which will make the bag and letters more harmonious.

What is the Price for personalization?

We charge a flat rate of $15 for all personalized engraved letters.

How long does it take to complete a personalized product?

It takes 3 – 5 business days to complete a personalized product.  

If you need a rush item, please be aware of the extra time that is needed to add the customized letters.

What is the Return/exchange policy for the personalized products?

Items that have been personalized are not eligible for returns or exchanges. Please double-check your order and be sure that all the information is 100% correct before completing your order.

Do you offer custom debossing for high-volume orders?

We are happy to assist with high-volume orders. Please contact our Corporate Sales Team at:

Minimums are based on the retail cost of the product and range from 10-100 pieces.