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Article: How to get your commission/cashback?

How to get your commission/cashback?

Hi, today we'll give you a detailed introduction about how to get your affiliate commission.

There are no additional conditions and you don't need to reach a fixed amount or quantity of recommending.

If you successfully recommend the product to others and got referral order, even if $1 commission, we'll pay for you within 7-12 business days (after the package is delivered to its destination and confirming your PayPal email address).

If you join our affiliate and use the internal discount to buy something for yourself, the cashback you deserve will be paid after your item(s) arrives.

These are the records of our transfers to affiliaters who have recommended success:


You could see the details of sales & payments on your affiliate homepage.

If you want to get your commission as soon as possible, don't forget to left your PayPal email address!

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